Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The YA Fictionados

Hi guys! 

Today I'm here to announce my involvement with a new project called the YA Fictionados, and to tell you about the very exciting opportunities that are available to you all to do with it.

I have been working with Chris Moore (@yablooker on Twitter - runs the Young Adult Blook Club blog) recently to create the YA Fictionados, which is an online platform where lovers and enthusiasts of young adult fiction can come together to discuss, review, and discover YA. The site will involve various types and styles of posts, including (but not limited to) reviews, author interviews, tags, event summaries, videos, blog tours, giveaways and more! This is something that Chris has had in mind for a while, and because I love YA so much, I was only too happy to co-found the site with him.

At the moment, we are in the process of developing the site and, more excitingly, recruiting people to be regular bloggers and primary contributors. If you think that writing and making content of the sort mentioned above for the YA books that you love sounds fun, then why not apply to join us? We are looking for four enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable YA readers to join our team, and the best part is that we are looking for both new and experienced bloggers. Even if you've never written a blog post in your life, don't think that this opportunity isn't for you - we are looking for people with different skills and talents, and you might just be exactly what we're looking for.

To apply, send us the following details:

Blog/YouTube Channel name and link (if you have one):
Favourite book and why:
Preferred YA genres (eg romance, paranormal, dystopia, fantasy, sci-fi etc.):
Skills (mention any relevant skills such as design, editorial etc.):
Any additional comments:

Follow us on Twitter: @YAfictionados

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